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Export packaging - crate construction - customized packaging - corrosion prevention - packaging solutions for serials - lashing and stowing of containers

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With over 100 years of experience in professional wooden-box construction and packaging we are one of the most powerful providers of packaging solutions here in Northern Germany.

We are a member of the HPE Association a specialist group for wooden package and seaworthy packaging. Our work is based and certified in accordance to the special quality requirements of this association.

Andresen & Jochimsen EXPORTPACK develops and manufactures the optimal packaging for you, which meets all necessary demands for a haulage in good shape during all kind of transportation. Considering the various factors of the special demands due a transport on water or land, by air or rail.

In doing so, we always pay attention of a high ecological, sustainability and economical level by using the renewable-resources for packaging materials such as wood and other materials from nature

At our plant, we offer you a large range for seaworthy packaging solutions especial for High and Heavy Cargo, sufficient storage space and excellent transport links matched with quayside dispatch possibilities.

property of: 20,000 sqm
storage area: 9,000 m²
Crane capacity: 80,000 KG
quay side loading capacity at the "Reiherstieg-Schleusenfleet"

Fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) system with customer EDI interfaces, Logistics services cope with the tasks of your entire packaging logistic.

Additional guaranties for you in accordance to our packaging liability.

Place individual packaging orders for jobs direct at your plant or maybe direct in a northern German port of your choice.

We use a range of various Forklifts with many skills. Also for your behalves our plant could be able to serve as a wide range container packing station direct in the heart of the Harbour of Hamburg.

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Andresen & Jochimsen
Am Alten Schlachthof 20
21107 Hamburg


Email: info @ exportpack.de
Telefon: +49(40)33399 49 40
Fax: + 49 (40)33399 49 50

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